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Я хотел бы знать translation of lyrics

Also known as Sous le ciel de Paris lyrics.

English translation of Я хотел бы знать by Кравц
Under the sky of Paris,
Sing a song.
She is born today
In the heart of a boy.
Under the sky of Paris,
Lovers walk.
Their happiness is built
On a fact for them.
Under the Bercy bridge,
A sitting philosopher,
Two musicians, some onlookers
Then people by the thousands,
Under the sky of Paris,
Till the evening, will sing
The name of a people tried
From his old quote.
Near Notre dame,
Sometimes, brood a drama,
Yes, but in Paname,
Anything can stop.
A few rays from the sky,
The order of a Mariner,
Hope blooms
In the sky of Paris.
Under the sky of Paris,
Flows a happy River.
He falls asleep in the night,
The bums and the beggars.
Under the sky of Paris,
The Birds Of God
Come from all over the world
To chat with each other
And the sky of Paris
To his secret.
For twenty years, he has been under
From our Saint-louis Island.
When she smiles at him,
He's wearing his blue suit.
When it rains in Paris,
He's unhappy.
When he's too jealous
Of his dying millions,
He makes them growl
His thunder vivid
But the sky of Paris is not long
To be forgiven he offers a rainbow

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