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Top 10 Larry Gold lyrics
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Larry Gold
Weatherman translation of lyrics

Also known as And they look so good lyrics.

English translation of Weatherman by Larry Gold
Said the forcast today is love all around
This club is full of joy, nobodys feeling down
Peace all day, dont you worry about a thing
Just go out and have some fun
And everything will be okay, yeah
Happy homes and best friends
The clouds are gone said the weatherman, yeah
No signs of rain (nothing but)
Blue skies
Its your weatherman
Happy people steppin' out tonight
And they look so good
And it feels so right
Its Kellz, your music weatherman
And forecast shows we gonna be playing hits all day, yall
Good times, sunny skies, everybodys feeling fine
Happy hearts, positive minds
Its all coming right here from the Chocolate Factory
Yeah, this album was designed to touch your soul
And put your spirit at ease
So uh, Happy People, baby