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Lil Wayne
Fuck the World translation of lyrics

Also known as Look, I don't curse, but in this verse man ... the world lyrics.

English translation of Fuck the World by Lil Wayne
And I'm still doin for my mother and I'm ...' bills
Give me a cigarette, my nerves bad
The Feds said they heard that I know where them birds at
And my old lady say she saw me with anotha brizzle
And some a the boys shot up my block so now I gotta kill 'em
And teachers keep tellin' my momma that I'm gettin' worse
And now she trippin talkin 'bout I need to be in church
And my lil' girl whole family tryna lie in court
Tryna' put me, a child, on child support
And whole family deny me of what I do cause I'm a 'thug and stuff'
Plus, my ... keep fallin to them drugs and stuff
That dope got these ... meltin' away
Man they got clowns right around me, killin' they self everyday
We keep fightin' but they so strong
I know it's hard but don't give up baby hold on
Just keep ya fate, count blessings, and wodie keep ya trust
And grab ya nuts and let 'em know that we don't give a ...
We don't give a ...
Look, I don't curse, but in this verse man ... the world

Music video Fuck the World – Lil Wayne