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Lucio Dalla
Angeli translation of lyrics

English translation of Angeli by Lucio Dalla
Leave Italy to go to Lugano
And always touch each other with the same hand
How to be a scam, this lake is scary
There are many banks, you need a Samba, a witch, an invoice.
3 o'clock at night I do not know where to spit
It's so clean it can't get dirty
A drunk gets bored out of the club
Not only that, look at this.
Even in Lugano, even in Lugano they have a slut
Striptease in that Lugano club is done by a woman with her poodle
They go to the hotel to study new moves,
The girl is the poodle and from Turin and has a bit of a cough.
A guard or a general, you do not understand well
He looks at me, I throw away the meat, and he passes out.
He's going to cheer me up, but I'll make it up to him.
Why do I pick up the freshly lit chafing?
I put it in my pocket and start whistling
Whistle slowly because it's almost morning
From a pizzeria comes one of Messina
You have high heels and an apron still in your hand
He looks tired and very sad, I believe you I believe you
He makes pizza here in Lugano
Recently he came to work
He says it's hard but you can get used to it
And he's happy to do nothing in the morning
And with the bike he goes to see, he goes to see, to see where the mine lives
Angels, angels, we are angels
A tall man who looks like Garibaldi
She's on the road cleaning her up and very late
Stops with the broom under the chin
Then he raises his eyes to the sky and with his finger feels the wind
He dies at night when the old man with the broom
Throw it in the sky and the sun returns to Europe
And let them all work
It's a show to see, to see angels fly
Angels, angels, how many angels.

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