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Харакири translation of lyrics

English translation of Харакири by Lumen
Sid Vicious died in front of you.,
John Lennon died in front of you,
Jim Morrison died in front of you.,
And you're still the same as you were.
Only two choices for honest folks:
Grab a gun and kill everyone,
Or commit suicide with them,
With me, with me, with me,
If you take this world seriously.
The end justifies the means, come on
Kill, rape, slander, betray
For light, light,
Light, light, light
Bright temple of democracy.
My friend hanged himself in front of you,
He made harakiri on your porch,
And he expired with hope and all he could,
And all of you remained the same
You're all the same!

Music video Харакири – Lumen