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Enchanted Moonlight translation of lyrics

Also known as The moonlight enchants me lyrics.

English translation of Enchanted Moonlight by Lyriel
My curious, win now
The fight against the reason
God forgive my sin
Finish with me, what we begun
And in the moonlight, I feel the sun
The only way, you find in me
No other way, and we feel free
The only witness is the starry sky
I say some lovely whispers, and could die
I am fathomed, the innocence
Forever lost, forever past
In the middle of the moonlight, forever past
More intensified,
From one moment to the next
And your breath goes faster ever more
And we melt to one
And get one with the universe
We are one step behind the door of heaven
Now relax, darling, on my perspirated skin
With my hand I swim through your hair
And I know you cannot keep away from me
'cause the moonlight is enchanted
Wild dreams, wild lust,
Seduced, and passionately touched
The moonlight enchants me
In love, cold breath,
My tears are only for your love
And for the perfect night
Moonlight enchant me, my heart's your slave
My curious, win now
The fight against reason
God forgive my sin

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