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MF Doom
That's That translation of lyrics

English translation of That's That by MF Doom
These little titties abilities riddle me, middle C
Give a Mc a rectal hysterectomy
Electron removal of the bowls, foul technically
Dont expect to see the recipe
Until we receive the check as well as the collection fee
More wreck than section Z
What you expect to get for free? Shit from me, history
The key, plucked it off mayor
Chucked it in the ol tar pit off La Brea, player
They say hes gone too far
Doomll catch em after Jumar on cue lacka!
Do whatcha gotta do, grarrrr
The rumours are not true, got two ma
No prob, got the job, hot barred heart throb
Scotch Guard the bar the with cotton swabs, dart lob
Bake a cake, sweet
Jamaica trade in treats on the beach make a skeet til her feets meet
Can it be I stayed away too long?
Did you miss these rhymes when I was gone?
As you listen to these crazy tracks
Check them stats then you know where Im at
And thats that

Music video That's That – MF Doom