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Miss Li
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English translation of More by Miss Li
Was happy with you
But all change
Since I am alone, I will be much better
I gave you what you wanted a lot more but no!
What I gave you never worked
I wouldn't want to find you, never around town.
And if that happens, I won't stop.
The life me sonrie since these
This is a feast, it just goes to start
(melody with voice)
Now you want to turn around, baby what happened to you
Everything you did to me, I saw you forget
It was all with you, and I don't want it anymore!
Life my way, it gets so much better
There's nothing left to motivate me.
Little interesting everything you ask me
I did not know as decirtelo
But I'm not going lie to you baby, Superalo!
Everyone listen up
Everybody hands up.
Subelo me
Bailalo with me
Cantalo conmigo
Baby subelo me up

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