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Несчастный Случай
Зоология translation of lyrics

Also known as Это зоология, зоология - lyrics.

English translation of Зоология by Несчастный Случай
My neighbor in the morning, eats the butts of cigarettes,
Waking up dressed as usual.
And looks at the ceiling, studying the Jewish question,
Waiting for eternal summer.
He comes to me with last year's crossword puzzle in his hand,
He smiles at me and quickly hits me in the groin!
It is not clear what he will do tomorrow.
It's Zoology, Zoology -
You understand me, I
(AI love Yu, baby, baby!
Ah Wonna kiss u, kiss u!
Ay gonna touch u, touch u!)
We are accustomed under the form of cops to do hands on seams,
What if they decide to command us?
We used to look out the Windows in the morning -
Suddenly again repainted the banner?
I am ready to anticipate the thoughts of people and dogs.
But the thinking of oysters is a kind of darkness.
It is not clear what will come up tomorrow.
It's Zoology, Zoology
And you can make me an asshole,
Can you make me an Ambassador,
You can build me a Palace,
You can burn my house down tomorrow,
You can rave about my head,
I can sleep with me,
But you will not succeed only one thing -
It's to cross me with you, Oh!
Oh, Zoology.,
Is Zoology, Aga, Zoology,
You see, I

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