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Операция Пластилин
Я тебя отвоюю translation of lyrics

English translation of Я тебя отвоюю by Операция Пластилин
I will win you from all lands, from all heavens,
Because the forest is my cradle, and the grave is the forest,
Because I on earth would stand - only one foot,
Because I'll sing about you like no one else.
I'll win you back from all times, all nights,
All Golden banners, all swords,
I'll throw the keys and chase the dogs off the porch -
Because in the earthly night I am truer than a dog.
I'll win you back from all the others-from that one,
You will be nobody's fiance, I will be nobody's wife,
And in the last argument I'll take you-shut up! -
The one Jacob stood with in the night.
But until you cross your fingers -
About the curse! "you're staying.":
Two wings of yours, aimed at the ether, -
Because the world is your cradle, and the grave is peace!

Music video Я тебя отвоюю – Операция Пластилин