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Placido Domingo
Cardillo: Core 'ngrato translation of lyrics

Also known as E nunnce pienze cchiu lyrics.

English translation of Cardillo: Core 'ngrato by Placido Domingo
Cathars, Cathars
Don't tell me these words love
Pecche me parle e ' o core
Me turmiento Cathari?
Num Te scurda ca taggio date ' O cores, Cathars
It's not dark!
Cathars, Cathars, which veins to dicere
Stu speaks, what me from spaseme?
You can't stop stu dulore mio
You can't take care of it.
Core, Core ' ngrato
Taie pegged ' for my life
All past
And nunnce pienze cchiu!
Cathars, Cathars
Tu nun 'O saie canfinint' a na church
I am moved and proud of God, Cathars
And also to 'O cunfessor:
I'm in fuffri
Pe ' chella lla!
I'm in suffri
I'm in suffri, not if I believe
I'm all over the place.
It is O cunfessor who is holy person
MHA ditto: my son, lassala be', lassala be'
Core, Core ' ngrato
My whole life
All past
And nunnce pienze cchiu!