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Public Enemy
Can You Hear Me Now translation of lyrics

English translation of Can You Hear Me Now by Public Enemy
But its damn sure better than walkin
It might be old, it sure aint gold
Better than stylin in the cold
It aint no rolls, so wont get stoled
But you wont see me walking on no side of the road
At the age i am now
If i cant teach
I shouldnt even open up my mouth begin to speak
I need some radio
To help me reach
But i heard they get their money on By makin you weak
Drowning in the sea of Some big dose of now
No past no future
Let the young grow wild
Aint gave em nuttin
Some done robbed the child
From substance
Dont currr, fill em up wit style
Like hip hop started on trl, like wow
Took the game and made it a gdamn shame
Hell wit history you dont even
Know my name
I aint the same damn thing
That yall used to ...
Im non stop rocket
Headin to your brain
Now thats what im ...
I may not got no flow
But i aint pimped by no negro
Backed by some
Cracka wit
His ass by the door
I can never be poor
Cause my mind, body, and soul
Cannot be sold
So i avoid the trifelin
Worms in my cipher
Stuff yall cant get enough off
Gots no time for
Somebodys jail
My time is just like the Us mail
My time is richer
Than them new astro pitchers
I be damn if my face
Be under some picture
Where you heard the nword
So save your liquid
Pe we just here to flip it Find somebody new to get wit
The next time you hear a Cat who cant Stand or even look in the mirror

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