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Public Enemy
Shut Em Down translation of lyrics

English translation of Shut Em Down by Public Enemy
No no My education mind say
Suckers gonna pay
There gonna be a day
'cause the troop they roll in To posse up Whole from the ground
Ready to go Throw another round
Sick of the ride
Its suicide
For the other side of town
When I find a way to shut 'em down
Who count the money
In da neigborhood
But we spendin' money
To no end lookin' for a friend
In a war to the core
Rippin' up the poor in da stores
Till they get a brother
Kickin' down doors
Then I figure I kick it bigger
Look 'em dead in the eye
And they wince
Defense is pressurized
They dont want it to be
Another racial attack
In disguise so give some money back

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