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Рада Рай
Забыть нельзя translation of lyrics

English translation of Забыть нельзя by Рада Рай
I want to believe in your love
Let the sufferings of the past days go
It's hard for me to live, I don't know what to do
Albeit not easy, the pain will disappear in my love.
And the snow falls on the road
And in white the night void
Because our life is not the glory of God
Only dream save beauty.
You can not forget never,
Star of love burns me
Star of love over sinful vanity,
When you can not forget never!
You tell me the only word
Save me, love me, hope me
And come, at least for a while
Open the front door with your key.

Music video Забыть нельзя – Рада Рай