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Rick Ross
Box Chevy translation of lyrics

Also known as It's time to put you, ... boys, to sleep lyrics.

English translation of Box Chevy by Rick Ross
Just know to bring them choppers when you see me call.
I tried to let them ... eat,
It's time to make you, ... boys, extinct,
I took a quarter key to Polk County,
All my central Florida ... straight bout it.
Broke down the brick, I'm back in Bartow,
Belle Glade, box Chevy on my car phone.
J-ville, I went and bought a condo,
Back to the crib, where I get it by the car load.
I started with a box Chevy,
Then I got the blue Lexus,
My bitch stay down with me,
So now, she got the new Lexus.
I went and got my bitch her very own salon,
Get her hair do everyday, do the ... she want.
I started in a box Chevy,
Now my watch a buck eighty.
I heard the same ... hatin',
The killers comin', stay patient.
I made a killin' milkin' Okeechobee,
I'm talkin' millions with that okey-dokey.
Pop a molly, now that bitch sweatin',
Or is it just a ... necklace?
I tried to let you ... eat,
I pray that all you ... boys decease.
I try to let you ... eat,
It's time to put you, ... boys, to sleep.
... always wanna talk,
I'm busy getting' ... like a ...' boss.

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