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Ленинградское время translation of lyrics

English translation of Ленинградское время by Секрет
Exactly in midnight, and more precisely, in zero minutes and zero hours,
They lock their doors with a heavy bolt
All the restaurants and cafes, and only people in jodhpurs stand at the entrance.
And run the evil dogs in the Department store "Gostiny Dvor",
To see every bully, every crook, and a thief,
That even if he's cunning, he might have stolen the goods of the people!
Waiters from "Sadko" quietly go home,
And in their trunks shaking backpacks with food.
They do not smoke on an empty stomach, and behind them filfak, and maybe GITIS.
And the metro is about something the characters argue Kabakov,
It's high time to separate them, but there are no fools.
Fighters of militia are silent, and only young ladies shout: "Stop!"
Leningrad time-zero hours, zero minutes.
Leningrad time-zero hours, zero minutes
Leningrad time
Shiny otherworldly lights are very trendy hotel,
He is impregnable like a fortress, like a citator,
Because they guard the entrance like a secret factory, and even stricter.
Are retired colonels at the glass doors,
It's time to replace these guys with a photocell,
That was so: the enemy comes, and an electric fist him in the face!
But Alisa and Larissa for a long time,
And soon John or Chris, that in General would still,
Take quietly by the collar, put in a wheelbarrow and take home to Marina.
They also want to have the latest fashion silk,
Turns out you need to do everything, as long as the chest high,
And, therefore, the principle of these ladies - all flags will come to us - quite innocent!.
And to a guest from afar who "Salem" tar,
Calmly he could drink a beer that used a parasite,
We open bars at night and trade goods for dollars!
Leningrad night was frozen in the phase of the moon,
And C evening shift goes to pride our country,
The subway takes them home, shaking the inside of the sidewalks..

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