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Ничего не бойся translation of lyrics

English translation of Ничего не бойся by Секрет
On the threshold of black and white between "no"and" Yes"
No star can be seen with the dark water.
And the answer is no and no, and ahead of the dawn,
And not to return, not turn around,
You whisper, "Wait"
Don't be afraid, I'm with you.
With morning star you window open.
Don't be afraid, I'm with you.
Heart of calm down, I always with you.
Again drop a drop of the sun the sky the blue circle,
And suddenly the month will disappear, old friend.
Morning to the house barely,
And that's more than words.
The night promises a morning of goodbyes,
You whisper, "Wait".

Music video Ничего не бойся – Секрет