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Пора бежать! translation of lyrics

English translation of Пора бежать! by Секрет
In the commune stop!
I can
I like everything can give the country milk,
As all can in the morning to go to Martin,
I as and all can stand for sausage,
I look forward to huge changes with delight.
Love all those who governs me,
Who firmly holds the Motherland in the hand,
And all Nations of the world promotes
(though not always solid) Russian language.
Hey, Hey, my country sings,
It, it, and life as war,
It, it, and us not accustomed,
But they say: "Around! Time to run!"
I like all for to the above prices,
Sweep, accept, and to remove,
And all start again, and other problems,
And quickly implement everything.
I appreciate all those who reinvent
Mighty tank moving forward.
And all of us always know very well:
Normal heroes always go around.
I can not
I can't give the country milk like everyone else,
Can't like everyone in the morning to go to Martin,
I like all die in the struggle for sausage,
Everyone did not expect any change.
Oh, Oh, our country's growing long,
Oh, no, but our life seems like a war,
Oh, Oh, it's very hard to stay,
And everyone can say: "It's time to run away!"
Time to run!

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