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Прощай, ночь, прости translation of lyrics

Also known as Прощай, ночь, прости lyrics.

English translation of Прощай, ночь, прости by Секрет
Goodbye, night, sorry
Let the sun eat eyes until tears,
And hurt ears the creaking of wheels-
We can't change anything,
And, so, so be it,
Have a nice trip!
Goodbye, night, sorry
I'm sorry, night, goodbye
We can't hug forever,
I guess that's the ...
I even compressed fists
Not hold you in any way-
And that means - go!
I'm sorry, night, goodbye
Goodbye, night, sorry,
And in this way take with you
Love, silence and peace.
There, in a foreign side,
Turn on the light in someone else's window.
Give me your hand and fly!"
Goodbye, night, sorry
I'm sorry, night, goodbye
I'm in a hot and strange crowd
I can forget about you.
But if you come again,
I'm willing to wait my whole life
See you later! Go away!
I'm sorry, night, goodbye
I'm sorry, night, goodbye

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