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Смех в пустоте translation of lyrics

English translation of Смех в пустоте by SharOn
Sense cannot be seen in anything and anywhere
How not shtudiruet Tom
This whole life is just a trace on the water
And in the future only the pit and darkness
Night, the tar overturned the city
Bucket off-road, melancholy and fog
Gushing outskirts whip Blizzard
Rossnagel blocked March
The powerful piano sample
Time to sit crestfallen, like Keanu
Remember how drunk freedom once you walked barefoot on the sand to the ocean
Looking like a stormy stream of water
He was jammed behind you the traces
All the young in the utter frailty
Their being so clearly hinting (Hey!)
And how will we get anywhere first-degree fall
The evil stepchild of eternal winter
In the veins of Meldonium, polonium, ruthenium
We all came out of the darkness, we will go into it
Rolling back all the bumps and potholes
So accept it, or beat on the ice of despair stupid fish
(Hey!) Long run in the dark
What is my life? Promiscuity
Wilds Yes thorns, all that will remain after me only laughable in void
He and the sky is not the limit
Let him fly among the stars and comets
In the dark airless spaces my most recent space cake
Our past in oblivion sped unconsciously sent by the pulse
The office always takes his own - quirky marque, stamps cons (bitch!)
For the thousandth time rewrite the forecast, it will go as a chronic virus
Pieces of biomass, alas, not able to think critically, on its own
How to find an excuse for bad deeds, the worship of self-deception
Can be a sly guy here, even bosyatsky podgon interpreted as the heavenly manna
After all, it is easier for the remnants of reason to drive off in a sick, inflamed consciousness
Concreted entrance in a permanently available archive of empirical knowledge (knowledge)
Each is full of their excessive worries for ... hope for tomorrow (tomorrow)
Round-the-clock drudgery of wheb for minuet, lohan was forced to get into microloans
Someone famously clocked three scores, someone hit with a careless offside (offside)
Anyway, all will turn to humus: the pit was dug - jedem das seine!
Reward anyone according to his faith in the end of the massacre without rules (Yes!)
Not will save me nor abstinence in post, and not moral post in instagram (no!)
The educational program nor Buddhist, nor Jewish Talmud, but save the flames of the crematorium
Well, if there is a God - tell him let my ashes directly be sent into space

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