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Silversun Pickups
Dots And Dashes translation of lyrics

Also known as I'm already wise lyrics.

English translation of Dots And Dashes by Silversun Pickups
Spinning around, spinning around
Should I step in?
And burn it all down
Burn it all away
I'm already born
I'm already wise
I'm already worn
I'm already wonderin' what am I
I'm already rough
I'm already lean
I'm already wanting to be obscene
I'm already cursed
I'm already dry
I'm already wonderin' what am I
I've already learned a bit of sin
Enough already, let me in
We signal in a moonbeam
I beg you to follow me
You say that I'll be surprised
At the codes in the sunrise
But if I don't like what I see
And my grip starts loosening
The edge of the big reveal
Could be the end of the story

Music video Dots And Dashes – Silversun Pickups