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Abschied translation of lyrics

Also known as Es kommt ein Tag an dem ich dich verlier lyrics.

English translation of Abschied by Staubkind
Slowly the feeling circles
Find us in the past.
Looking for a reason to Stay
And fade from reality.
I see the unpaid hours
We're on our way.
And I often feel this emptiness,
Like it never happened.
There comes a day when I lose you
And nothing remains of us.
There comes a day when I lose you
And he won't forgive us.
There comes a day when I lose you
Passes without you in it ,
Only one day begins,
Which brings us to the farewell.
Unstoppable in the distance
Answer the silence.
She's slowly taking your nearer to me
That I can't hold anymore.
I'm looking for your cold hands
As long as we go further
To escape again
It's like it never happened.

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