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Stillste Stund
Iv translation of lyrics

English translation of Iv by Stillste Stund
Sometimes never come beloved women
In the dream as a little girl to meet us
And are unsaglich look good ,
As if they were with us on distant paths
Once in an evening gone long,
Meanwhile, the bites are moving breathing.
And the scents of fall off and night and Fear,
And langs of the path, our path, the dark,
In the evening light, the silent cowards were blaming.
And, the mirror of our longing, dreamlike, glitter,
And all of the soft words, all Floating
The evening air and the first stars twinkle
The souls will inherit sisterly and deeply
And sad and full of triumphant
With deep understanding that the greater life
Understand and his glory, and Strict.

Music video Iv – Stillste Stund