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Delikanli Caglarim translation of lyrics

English translation of Delikanli Caglarim by Tarkan
One morning from my window
Spring to my room
A flurry of wiggling Oh my
Bulbulle gul sarmas dolas.
My heart fell on the road again
Basibos avare asker
I have no intention of settling down.
He should smell every flower.
I'm ready take take Fly Me
Come and pick me up till morning
I'm yours take my heart
Burn me with your guns.
Life should be short and fast
Never mind your hand on your tongue
Every nice and short day, kari
Release yourself, capiliver, ask seline.
One day my heat will stop
I'll settle down, and I'll do it.
Don't come to me these days
Now, my young calls.

Music video Delikanli Caglarim – Tarkan