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Tas translation of lyrics

English translation of Tas by Tarkan
So I stay calm I'm
I look like an unannounced storm
Please don't hurt me on purpose
I'll make you regret your game.
I won't break, I'll poison your hands
Have you forgotten our dreams?
Goz Goze, knee to knee O nice chats
How many seasons have I waited
Sarardım, longing for nazina
What I made a mistake, tell me what is my fault
So reckless you can't go anywhere
I'll track down searches
You still bat-shit crazy I am
I'll burn it, I'll wash it, I'll follow you
I'll be stone in your ways
Hang out, fall down, Oh you're tired
That far away is haram to us
Come vazgec, you'll be wasted

Music video Tas – Tarkan