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Яд translation of lyrics

Also known as Я остаюсь один lyrics.

English translation of Яд by Технология
Poison -
Taste your lips,
Smell of hair,
The gleam in your eyes,
The warmth of your hands.
Deadly poison -
Color your dreams,
Twilight days,
Secrets of the night,
Lies your words.
The dead sea of your love
I drank to the bottom.
A new life, and all ahead.
But as always, I remain one!
Poison -
Thrill of hope -
The moment we met
Solar wind
He threw off our clothes.
Deadly poison -
In it the thirst for roads,
The melted smoke,
And after him
Debunking God.
I'm alone!
I'm alone!
I'm alone!
I'm alone!
I'm alone!

Music video Яд – Технология