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Gloria translation of lyrics

English translation of Gloria by Terasbetoni
In songs of women and young men
His pure Shield is eternal
On the lips of the countrymen
The man with the scar has fought
Stand and salute
And sing his name
When a man carries his crown
The kingdom on its shoulders
Whispers of the dying of ten
He hears about the bodies.
Provides a blessing on Earth
For the gods to weigh
I guess you can tell by the hours
MYOS to end kay in time
I mean, once, probably the last.
Get on her horse
Even the gods know that.
I've lived my life for glory
I'd change anything from the barn
No regrets can be found
Let the devil take that day
When I fall from the arrows of my enemies
I've shown you the way
Keep it up while I can't.
Wash the blood off his face.
Bring the body home
Tell me what he's done
And the name of the stone beat