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Metallin voima translation of lyrics

English translation of Metallin voima by Terasbetoni
Sounds like an incoming thunderstorm splits the sky and the earth
In the vastness of the clay, it's called
That metal makes you believe
Hot as flame and cold as a share
His chord is so cuttingthere's no peace left
Its power is unbeatable
Knight from the harness heading for yo
A time when no metal works
As a guide to the sky at the speed of vyo
Far away from lightning Lyon
The power of the metal is on my side again
Glory to ETSO and glory to me
The road was long and rough
I always knew I couldn't give up
The magic of truth is with me again
I was looking for a fight and I was fighting
The road was heavy and divided
You can't defy anythingthe power of metal
A donkey like a cloud is a storm forever
Melts iron and steel
Create fear for those who surrender
The truth of metal is unfailing
It does not waver from its structures.
Blood runs through your veins
It's the power to conquer