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Tinchy Stryder
Shake Me translation of lyrics

English translation of Shake Me by Tinchy Stryder
Naw Even Tell Em Dont Stop Filming Director Keep It Rolling Cause I Went From
A Extra To Mr. Star Good Luck Whos Next Up
And I Gave Em A Tester And Yet So Far Im Savin' The Best Up
You Pressed Record A While Ago But Nobody Told Me Go No Cameras Action Live And
Now Im The Star Of The Show
Feels Like Im Half Way Through The Scene And I Aint Even Read That Script
Rehearsed The Lines Or Read My Bit
Look Whats This Supposed To Mean Me When I Step On Stage Now Thousands Know My
Name White Gold Diamonds On My Chain
I Get Stopped For Pictures N Frames Its Like A Never Ending Film Who Pressed
Record A While Ago No One Lurks No Rulers No
The Movie Started Some Time Ago

Music video Shake Me – Tinchy Stryder