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Udo Jurgens
Ein Ehrenwertes Haus translation of lyrics

English translation of Ein Ehrenwertes Haus by Udo Jurgens
We have lived in this house for a year and are well known here.
But imagine what I just found in our house:
It's a letter from our neighbors, it says We have to get out!
They mean you and I don't fit into this honorable house.
Because we live together as a Couple and are still without a marriage certificate.
You met here yesterday, and then you voted
And the community of all tenants writes to us now: "take them out here! "
Because a wild marriage doesn't fit in this honorable house.
Everybody signed it, check out the long list:
The woman non next door, who can never keep her eyes to herself,
And from the ground floor, every day they spy on everyone,
Also, this guy that hit your daughter, speaks for this honorable house.
And then the thick one that spoils the dog, but her own child is vergist,
The old man who always tells us what is forbidden here in the House,
And the one from the first floor, he looks out the window all the time,
And he shows everyone who parks wrong times, in front of this honorable house.
The grey Don Juan, he stares at you shamelessly in the elevator every time,
The widow, who has prevented a black man from getting her in here,
Also from above, when the gasman comes, she pulls out the sleeping rock ,
They all came to us, for this is an honorable house.
If you ask me, this hypocrisy won't last long.
We'll pack up seven things and get out of this honorable house.