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Mein Stern translation of lyrics

English translation of Mein Stern by Unheilig
In the depths of your eyes
I see great Confidence
Warm flood my soul
Full of hope is your look
Now aim at with great haste
Stretch your arms out to me
Takes a little while
Arrived now with me
My Star
Tightly enclosed I sit here
Now very close with you alone
Live only the moment
Can he still be endless
Your boundless desire for deeds
And the tenderness of your being
Let me often astonish
Is your heart still so small
Your actions are immeasurable
You don't know any reservations
Are the drive of my quest
I see in your face
Release in me the rigid Thinking
And lose in me the dreadful look
Let the focus be on you
Look, look back to you now
Only a piece of this creature
I wish to return for myself
Miraculously life goes by
So often the clear look
Look back in your eyes
Are you so clear and pure
Live now the moment
He can only be endless

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