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Get In My Car translation of lyrics

Also known as You tugging my front Im squeezing your butt lyrics.

English translation of Get In My Car by Usher
The club look jumpin what about
After the car lookin fly what about ya trousers when
The door lift up and it lay back down when it push
Back start and it hit one mile when the bar shut down
And its no more drinking I know how ya feelin know
What ya thinkin usher got in the same club only if
Ya had a better fit up in the weekend only if I had
That Ill break ten I aint got time to be waitin on
Ya Im yo gotti baby feel like the whole world waitin
On ya different swag different trill pay for tags different
Bill perfect smile different grill loui shades they
For real same pola different hood black pola matchin
Hood green money rubberbands but guess Im understood
Wassup was hannin was up was hannin wassup was hannin
Was up was hannin I say hey you get in my car get in
My car you know you wanna ride
Club is crowded we should go
Telly got rooms, but I got more
Room aint enough
Come on, baby girl, thats whats up (that's whats up)
One, one more drink and we ready to cut
You tugging my front Im squeezing your butt
If you aint gone finish, dont start no stuff (i just wanna touch) Dont start
No stuff
Theres too many women here to waste all my time on you
What you gonna do, girl?
Just know that I can have anyone and you if I choose
And I choose you, I choose you
I say hey, you, get in my car
Get in my car, you know you wanna roll
Hey, you, get in my car
Get in my car, you know you wanna roll

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