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Necropolis translation of lyrics

English translation of Necropolis by Vader
Let's drink to death and death.
Let's drink to death, to the pyramids.
Let's get drunk unconscious.
Let's drink-let's not say a word about old age
Cheers to clearing and Lehetove
A toast to the Celts, the Israelites
Let's get drunk, let Aztec knowledge
That is not Days for us so far
Cheers to Egypt And Yucatan
Let's drink to Nazca-Satan has been There
Let's drink to Hercules ' boats.
For Titicaca and Cortez.
For Atlantis for him
For the mummy cat, Tutanhamona
For Viracocha that scares shadow
For our inch the blissful madness of the flight of the Earth

Music video Necropolis – Vader