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Vanessa Da Mata
Segue o Som translation of lyrics

Also known as Vamos sair lyrics.

English translation of Segue o Som by Vanessa Da Mata
Follow the sound and think a little
What are you doing?
Relax your face and think
What are you getting into?
I didn't mean anything.
But I'm your friend
See beyond yourself
And think about the measure
Let's go out for a dance
Let's see life
On other curves, other aspects
Not too crazy
I've known you for so long
I don't want to see you wrong
But just a moment, just a moment
Let's get out.
Let's get out.
Let's get out.
I like you to dance with me
In a small step
Pure tanning
Dramas are always rolled
Take more care
Don't go for no reason

Music video Segue o Som – Vanessa Da Mata