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Владимир Захаров
Лед и пламя translation of lyrics

English translation of Лед и пламя by Владимир Захаров
Ice and fire, instead of your heart,
Fire and ice, burn holoda,
Passion of desires grows stronger,
But live in your soul - fire and ice.
I've wanted to understand you for so long,
But I can't solve your mystery,
You're like in the sky dark star,
You're all fire and ice.
Spinning white ash on the ground,
The fire of love extinguished by you,
But to know, for better or for worse,
Was mine, you flame in the ice.
Morning follows the night, the dawn rises,
And me, as above, not find the answer,
Why so heart cherishes,
That magic mixture of your love

Music video Лед и пламя – Владимир Захаров