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Владимир Захаров
Осенний дождь translation of lyrics

English translation of Осенний дождь by Владимир Захаров
Autumn rain is coming which day,
Autumn rain at night and in the morning.
Autumn rain is one solid shade,
And we said goodbye last night.
Autumn rain, and you leave,
Autumn rain tear on the lips.
Autumn rain, and wet flowers,
Autumn rain in your native eyes.
Autumn rain on my heart,
Autumn rain, and the sky veil.
I wish it didn't rain,
And you've always, always been with me.
Autumn rain will ever pass,
Again the sun will smile upon us.
But prosumer when the love is gone,
Autumn rain with separation in half.

Music video Осенний дождь – Владимир Захаров