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Владимир Захаров
Позволь тебя любить translation of lyrics

Also known as Позволь тебя любить lyrics.

English translation of Позволь тебя любить by Владимир Захаров
What's wrong with you -
I can't understand,
Where is your warmth,
Where did love go?
Come with me,
Come with me again,
To my magic land,
To the land of magical dreams!
Close his eyes:
Let it all a hoax,
Let it just a dream,
And the poison we drink,
The silver mist will cover us -
Let me now,
Let me love you!
Close his eyes,
Let me love you!
Close his eyes,
Let me forget everything!.
Let yourself go,
Forget the sadness for a moment,
And stop playing
Memorized the role
And your voice -
Cracked crystal
And let me heal
In the soul a dull pain!

Music video Позволь тебя любить – Владимир Захаров