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Владимир Захаров
Притча translation of lyrics

English translation of Притча by Владимир Захаров
The sea suddenly became an abyss,
Staley black rock
To the shore seagulls rush,
Faith inspired
They are torn through a gusty storm,
Closer and closer their stone house
Here is their element, caught again,
Who asked them to leave?
A weak bird fell,
Stunning night screaming
Wind, well, a lot do,
With a bird to keep quiet
Her strong friend almost flew,
Only he didn't want to leave her
Together they have not come this way,
Not enough power a little bit
Wave friend made,
Throwing stones grey
He lay down on the Bank muddy,
Next to love first
And he lay there for five agonizing days,
Wings cross join on it
The sky he something shouted again and again,
So the love dies

Music video Притча – Владимир Захаров