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Владимир Захаров
Вика translation of lyrics

Also known as Черная машина, в ней она lyrics.

English translation of Вика by Владимир Захаров
Black car, she's in it.
Above the houses drunk moon.
Across the street he went alone somewhere hostage by their son.
The money is simply not collected in time, and no they did not help.
The figure was asked not to name, they do not collect such money
The founder in the Bank from her husband, a half-breed, his father was Jewish.
He bloody loved two years before the wedding went to her.
And she burned life like coals, and walked to drunken melancholy.
In General, just lived for himself and in the third year of birth.
And now, like a Ghost, this yard
Tall guy husband down took.
Her husband said to her,"I will decide for myself."
He took off his glasses and gave them to her
And February burned a harsh frost
And frightened the well-fed city of Moscow,
And clung to the dirty tears
To the windshield
Before that, all night long, she had screamed, " Idiot!
What are you doing? We need to raise these bastards to shoot!".
But decided otherwise, her husband, standing by the wall in his blood.
He slapped her cheek, the barrel Bouncing in his hand.
Black car, she's in it.
Above the houses drunk moon.
Shots exploded the silence,
Fear caught her here alone
In this horror suddenly there was a cry:
"Help me!"husband to the glass pressed.
See, freezing in a nightmare,
How he brought her a son in the dark
Then she awoke from her dream,
Shook, son took.
And my husband has blood all over his chest
He shouted to her: "Vika, go away!"
And in Newspapers on the morning meanwhile:
"In the alley found a businessman,
Many wounds fatal gunshot,
All go to the showdown where they have"

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