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Владимир Захаров
Я уже всё забыл translation of lyrics

English translation of Я уже всё забыл by Владимир Захаров
There, look, there ends the night,
Now is the day to look us in the eye,
All to myself, I will experience myself,
Then I will go, I will go, as before, into the night.
The fog will swallow me again,
I had forgotten it was winter.
And no more something to look for,
I forgot everything, forgot what to say.
There, look, there ends the day,
I can't go anywhere now anyway.
My soul is in hell, I can't save it.
And the night moves, and the shadow thickens.
There, look, life ends there,
But maybe this day is lived not in vain.
Dark whether in the shower or shining dawn -
We'll all be there, and yet for some reason he lived:

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