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Владимир Захаров
Жизнь моя - вечная осень translation of lyrics

English translation of Жизнь моя - вечная осень by Владимир Захаров
On the road, off-road.
It was easy for me, it was difficult.
Was smooth and path and slippery.
How many ills, how many happiness.
And for the life of me, was all.
It was bitter, it was sweet.
I tried to live as the Lord commanded.
Sometimes my friend overcame the flesh.
My life - eternal autumn.
Cold tears are pouring from heaven.
God, you're not gonna quit.
You won't leave me, I believe you.
I walked maybe half the way.
Maybe half the country, maybe half the love.
I go as God wills.
Maybe it wasn't so bad.
All will pass and my sadness.
Everything will pass, everything will change.
I am going on the road to the distance.
I will live my friend and hope

Music video Жизнь моя - вечная осень – Владимир Захаров