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Once Upon a Time in the Hood... translation of lyrics

Очень часто можно встретить другое название этой песни WHY, BERRY - Самый, мать твою, лучший.

English translation of Once Upon a Time in the Hood... by WHY, BERRY
Yes, I was walking through the district once
I go and understand: oh, shit
What kind of neighborhood do I have, this should
be the best, ... best
And somehow I met the boys, the bastards were sitting nearby
It was then that I realized that the evening had already been a success
That's it - she screams so, so hard (very)
I leave the store with a full magazine (with a gun)
I don't waste bullets in vain - I don't like violence ( ... )
They look askance, as I light up a cigar
And I look like wax,..., - I shine stupidly
(shining, Shining) These Gringos forget (ha)
If the Gringos forget-I remind them with steel (gun)
I'm fingering that crimson Impala's steering wheel, ho
Bling doug, right in down town, down the street (nasty stuff)
I drive through the playgrounds, I grabbed a fried chicken (chicken)
I watch the disassembly of my green street (grove)
Grove Street for life, nig
This quarter, ho, I look fancy (every day)
The sun is shining here, even if it infuriates (shining)
Jeans are wide, hoodies, like a basket-Xxl, ... (okay)
Don't hope for that
This block, ho, I look fancy (did you hear)

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