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Top 6 Wolna Grupa Bukowina lyrics
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Wolna Grupa Bukowina
Tylko Popiol Wie* translation of lyrics

English translation of Tylko Popiol Wie* by Wolna Grupa Bukowina
Only ashes know it can burn.
I will say that I will look to the future.
Not everything can be lifted by the wind waves,
As a gesture of broom is also still not all
We'll be Pete spat on the ground.,
In the corner under the lawka where the sun does not Shine,
In the arms of the mud, counting the days until we rot
In prehnite, towns, cultural layer at the end.
At the sight of a dirty brush archaeologist will faint,
Until he gets the glory.
As the wreckage of the locality-options inverted pyramids,
Pawing at his stomach, sorry to whine! and the vision will fly up,
Farther than we have, than birds, like Christians.
Farther than we have, than birds, like Christians.
Farther than a bird.
Because mascara is the freedom from the cells and freedom from all,
Apotheosis of the part.