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Зимовье зверей
Зимняя муха translation of lyrics

English translation of Зимняя муха by Зимовье зверей
First blood in the spring, the second summer of blood,
New blood-autumn, tea with milk-winter.
I could be anything, I could be considered a poet,
But my heart-not-beating brings you to your senses.
I'm probably only able to admit a few things,
But those who know how to listen, do not know how to breathe, alas.
And I could even be a magician, I could even be a God,
But your clinopyroxenite prevent me to become one.
Take me strong,
Lead me, Bay,
The bite of a wasp,
The exquisite taste of tragic fairies.
Blow me away,
To equally water and fire,
Look for me in the morning,
Make me be, reason with me.
Atheism begins at night, because nights are not made for sleeping,
And what makes me strong will one day slip me that,
That would deprive me of the right to be the first - but even for sveh in the mouth I of the beholder
I am the only one in my hell, the triune one in my hell.
After all, if you cut that to the quick, if to cry, then through the living,
The route to the November rain slippery nights.
I lose my commitment to God, I lose my attachment to home,
Disprove my axiom, prove that I'm nobody's man again.
And lead me on,
Throw me into life,
Without anger, without falsehood
Exasperated laugh, gracefully falsify,
Soul me no end of ...,
That melted water and melted fire,
Ink I gunpowder,
Drop the slaked lime into the palm of your hand. V

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